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Honest reviews about the service we provide from teachers, headmasters and parents, just like you.

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“From the very first moment we got in touch with Encourage Education (EE), I immediately felt relieved for my year 7 autistic son, who was excluded from a mainstream school. Since the very first conversations, EE staff reassured us parents that they would have helped our son to progress with his learning and, at the same time, to feel positive about himself again, despite the school exclusion, and working alongside parents. 

A couple of months later, our son was much more able to regulate his behaviour. The teachers worked very hard with our son with an amazingly positive attitude: every time our son felt distressed, but did manage to regulate in the end, the teachers would praise him for the recovery, without giving much weight to the previous inappropriate behaviour, opposite to what had happened in the mainstream school.

This approach was key to help our son become more confident about himself. Encourage Education allowed our son to flourish in all subjects and to always feel accepted and loved in all circumstances, even when they had to be firm and reproach him."

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