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As every journey is unique.

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1:1 Interim Provision 

At Encourage Education, our aim is to provide specialist alternative provision through teaching students 1:1. Our team of qualified specialists teach English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to GCSE Standard. We support children and families with a variety of special educational needs covering ASD, ADHD to SEMH who struggle with education within the mainstream system. 

Our aim is to facilitate the learning experience right for your child and develop the appropriate educational package to suit their needs. We desire to assist parents and families in encouraging and rebuilding their child's confidence, esteem, and competence in order to enable them to succeed.

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SEND Mentoring

The Encourage Communication programme endeavours to provide authentic meaningful long-term support and mentoring to young people with SEND.  

The aims of our mentoring programme are outlined through our ethos: 

Relate – to create sincere connections with young people through empathy, understanding and building rapport. 

Restore – to re-establish the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of young people. 

Renew – rebuild and encourage confidence and individual capabilities. 

The Encourage Communication programme is a bespoke mentoring service that is specifically tailored to the needs of each enrolee by considering their EHC Plan, SENCo, Teacher and Parent views. 

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Peer Mediation

The aim of the Encourage Peace programme is to empower young people, develop problem-solving skills and encourage cooperation in adversity. Our peer mediation scheme is available to Primary and Secondary schools that aspire to build or enhance their restorative practice policies by employing a whole community approach towards conflict. 

This programme is taught by experienced Civil, Commercial and SEND mediators. Our training course prepares peer mediators to take an impartial and empathetic approach that advocates for active listening when facilitating discussions that identify the root cause of conflict between pupils. 

Encourage Education is a member of the peer mediation network and has developed this programme in accordance with the Peer Mediation Training for schools Best Practice Guidelines. 

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SEND Mediation

Our SEND Mediation service is commissioned by local authorities and is free for parents. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process overseen by an impartial mediator. It is imperative that both parties approach the mediation openly and are willing to discuss any issues at hand in order to find a workable solution. The parties resolve the issues, mediators simply facilitate the discussions.

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